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Free Photo Prints

There are tons of places you can go to get photo prints done up. Some are high quality, and therefore expensive. Some are of lesser quality, but not necessarily cheap. Then, there are places on the Internet that offer extremely cheap photo prints or they offer a limited amount of free photo prints for new accounts.

On this page, I’ll identify a few of the best deals for cheap and free photo prints on the Internet. This isn’t necessarily everything I found; just the top handful of sites. You can browse the Free Photo Prints category and the Cheap Photo Prints category to see the full list of websites that I’ve reviewed and/or linked to in the past.

So, in no particular order, here are a few of the best deals I’ve found.

York Photo – 40 Free Photo Prints

251652_50% Off All Sizes Of Canvas PrintsYork Photo has a standing promotion of 40 free photo prints for new customers. This is among the best I’ve found online. Of course, “free” doesn’t include shipping and handling. In reality, you’ll pay about $2.50 for  a full order of 40 prints – that’s about 6 cents per print. Good luck finding a cheaper standard price than that. You can read more about York Photo in this post.

Their day to day price is extremely cheap and competitive, as well. At 8 cents a print plus about 5 cents per print for shipping and handling, the overall cost of a standard photo print is about $0.13. They are also constantly running promotions that allow existing customers to save money – like the current promotion offering a price of 4 cents per print when you print your wedding photos (Coupon code WEDPRINTS, Expires 03/29/2012).

Costco – The Original Cheap Photo Print

Costco Photo is my traditional stand by for cheap printing needs. Their print prices for standard 4×6 photos are a little higher than their strictly online competitors, but that’s offset by the fact that I don’t have to pay shipping and handling. Their standard prints are $0.13 each.

The best part about Costco, though, is that everything is dirt cheap. A lot of discount online printers reel you in with a cheap advertised price on 4×6 photos, but enlargements (even 5×7 photos) can get expensive quick. An 8×10 photo at Costco is only $1.49, far cheaper than any of their competitors. If you go to an actual Costco warehouse, you can also download the printer profile and calibrate your monitor to get the best color reproduction. While the paper quality is still not a high end professional grade, this gives you the closest thing to a professional product that you’ll find for such a cheap price.

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