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How to Download and Install Canon Utilities on Windows 7 Without the CD

Note: This website is no longer being updated. Please visit my new site, Rockin’ Photogs, where you can find an updated version of this article about downloading and installing Canon’s EOS Utility.

Every Canon camera comes with a disc that contains some useful software to help you make the most of your camera. This includes the EOS Capture Utility, Digital Photo Professional, Picture Style Editor, and ZoomBrowser EX. Personally, the only software I use is the EOS Capture Utility, but I can see how other people might need DPP, PSE, and ZB in lieu of Adobe products like Lightroom, Photoshop, and/or Bridge.

The trouble is, even though this software is free it’s not designed to be downloaded and installed independently. Canon makes the newest version of each program available on the website for free, but the installation is set up to only work if you’ve already installed the software from the CD/DVD included with your camera.

Well that’s crummy. What happens if you lose the disc (which happened to me)? Or what if you buy a camera second hand and it doesn’t come with the disc?

Turns out it’s fairly simple to trick your computer into thinking that the software is already installed and then install the update from the website. The software looks for a registry key to see if the software already exists. You can use regedit to edit your Windows 7 registry, add the required key, and then install the software straight from the Canon website.

Sound tricky? It’s not. I broke the instructions down into four separate posts – one for each piece of software:

The reason why I specified Windows 7 is that the instructions are actually slightly different in Windows XP / Vista. That’s because Windows 7 slightly changed the structure of the Windows registry. When I tried to research how to do this on my own the first time, that posed a problem for me… so I thought I’d re-post all of the relevant information here for anyone else that’s run into a similar problem. I’m going to repost these posts tomorrow with instructions for Windows XP / Vista for the sake of completeness.

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