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Moving to a New Home: Rockin’ Photogs

I started this website two and a half years ago. Although it took a while to take off, it became pretty successful and pretty popular in 2011. Unfortunately, Google giveth and Google taketh away, and the site has become very unpopular and unsuccessful in Google search over the course of the past year.

After much thought and consideration, I’ve decided the best approach is to find a new home for my writing about digital photography. I’ve launched a new website – Rockin’ Photogs – with more or less the same mission as this website. I want to help people learn how to use their digital cameras, process their digital photos, and make beautiful products with their images.

I’ve taken some of the popular articles from this site and moved them to Rockin’ Photogs. In fact, some of the articles here will automatically redirect you over there. Your welcome to look around here and poke around, as there may be some other useful articles buried in the archives.

However, I don’t plan on updating this blog any further. This may be my last post, unless I come back to post a few updates about how Rockin’ Photogs is coming along. If you’ve been a subscriber here, I thank you, and I’d suggest that you head over there and subscribe to the new RSS feed.

So far, most of the content is just rewritten and republished content from this site – like the modeling comp card templates and the articles on installing Canon’s EOS Utility and other free software. I do have some interesting things planned for the future, however, including an organized series of posts about Digital Photography 101 and a series of posts about shooting photos for sports. This is something I’ve gotten a lot of experience with over the last few years, and I think it’s an area where a lot of hobbyists, enthusiasts, and beginners could use some advice to help push their photos over the top.

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